CEO of AEH receives National Award of Recognition

CEO of Addu Equatorial Hospital in Addu City, Dr. Mohamed Solih receiving National Award of Recognition. | Photo: AEH

Addu City, Maldives — The CEO of Addu Equatorial Hospital, Dr. Mohamed Solih receives a National Award of Recognition for his contributions to the Health Sector of Maldives.

During the National Award ceremony held on December 26 at the Republic Square of Malé City, President Solih awarded 24 honorees the National Award of Recognition among which Dr. Solih was awarded for his contributions to the Health Sector Development of Maldives.

The newly appointed CEO of the Addu Equatorial Hospital in Addu City, Dr. Solih is one of the most famously known surgeon of Maldives. In-fact, he has worked as a senior member in several major hospitals, including the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) and Medica Hospital in the capital Malé city of Maldives.

During an interview given  to local media outlet, “Mihaaru”, Dr. Solih said that he took over the hospital because he is from Addu, and because he believes he has a duty towards the city.

I want to make AEH a trustworthy and reputable hospital.

Dr. Solih said.

While Dr. Solih has 15 years of experience in the management area of the health industry. He also has 26 years of experience in clinical care, and has completed a Masters of Surgery (General Surgery) from Nepal, as well as a Masters in Business Administration from the United Kingdom.

Apart from this, Dr. Solih is also the President of the Maldives Anti Doping Association and one of the founding members of Maldives Medical Association, Maldives Orthopedic Association as well as the Maldivian Medical Student Association.