10 day quarantine mandated for arrivals from UK

Tourists who had came to Maldives during the pandemic seen at the Velana International Airport | Photo: Restination

Male’, Maldives – Maldivian Health Protection Agency (HPA) has declared that upon arrival, tourists arriving from UK on work visas and locals who spend over 12 hours in UK will have to go through a mandatory 10 day quarantine period in Maldives.

On Saturday, HPA informed that as a protective measure against the new Covid-19 variant confirmed in UK, all the people arriving from UK are mandated to undergo a 10 day quarantine period where they will be tested for the Covid-19 virus on the fifth and tenth day after arrival.

While the new Covid-19 variant has spread to France and Spain from UK, many nations are once again expressing concern and are vigilant over the new strain as scientists informed that it is approximately 70 times more contagious and more difficult to control.

The new mandatory quarantining rule for UK arrivals comes days after HPA declared that tourists and locals are no longer required to quarantine if they are able to present a PCR test that was done at least 96 hours prior to departure. Along with this, HPA had also abolished several other rules including the lockdown measures in greater Male’ area.

However, HPA and health officials continues to urge the public to obey the safety measures and keep wearing masks while maintaining social distancing although release has been given on some of the protective measures.

Although the number of confirmed cases over the past months has decreased by a great extend in Maldives as the peak appears to have tipped for the better, it seems that HPA will be announcing new protective measures that needs to be followed due to the newly discovered Covid-19 variant.

Till date, Maldives has confirmed a total of 13,618 positive Covid-19 cases. While 13,050 have completely recovered from the disease, 48 people have passed away from it.