Covid-19: New arrival from UK linked to developing wedding cluster

Tourists who arrived in Maldives as the 500,000th tourists | Photo: Visit Maldives

Male’, Maldives — An arrival from the United Kingdom who is linked to the wedding cluster in Maldives has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) informed that the arrival from UK is a family member of one of the families linked to the wedding that was held on December 20 in Male’. HPA previously mentioned that the wedding is estimated to have 120 attendees and that contact tracing efforts are currently ongoing in the island.

As HPA had relaxed the quarantine measures for all the people coming from abroad to Maldives, the positive individual did not have to go through any quarantine period as the person came before HPA announced the new mandatory rule of UK arrivals having to quarantine for 10 days.

The individual was tested for Covid-19 after symptoms for the coronavirus was seen, after which HPA informed that the individual who came from UK has tested positive for the virus.

However, HPA mentioned that at present, there is no way to find out if this new confirmed case is due to the new Covid-19 strain found from UK.

While the new Covid-19 variant has spread to France and Spain from UK, many nations are once again expressing concern and are vigilant over the new strain as scientists informed that it is approximately 70 times more contagious and more difficult to control.

Till date, HPA informed that 41 individuals from the wedding cluster case has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and that contact tracing and testing is still ongoing in the greater Male’ area.