Government announces eligible Civil Service employees for Hulhumale’ apartments

Hulhumale' Phase 2
Residential apartments built in Hulhumale' | Photo: Housing Development Corporation

The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes has publicized a provisional list of applicants in the Government Gazette for the Civil Service Employees category under the ‘Hiyaa’ Public Housing Scheme, which aims to amass 80,000 citizens to Hulhumale’.

The announcement today also included details of points allocated following the guidelines set by the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure of the previous administration, as this project was announced during Yameen Abdul Gyaoom’s presidency. Points are also awarded for contributions by the employee to their company and for educational qualifications earned before 15 January 2018.

The guidelines set by the previous Housing Ministry state that the applicant will be disqualified if they leave his/her job before receiving the keys to the apartment. Additionally, married couples will be provided with a single housing unit even if both e husband and wife qualify for housing under the category.

The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes invited members of the public to submit any complaints or grievances regarding the temporary list via the official Hiyaa Complaints Portal . The portal is to accept disputes from 28th December 2020 till 1500hrs on 03rd January 2020.