Local Council elections cannot be held in March

local council
A woman casts her ballot at the Local Council Election 2017 | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives — Elections Commission has confirmed that the local council elections cannot be held in March as the State of Public Health Emergency in the country has been extended till February 3rd.

The Election Commission informed earlier that the local elections can only be held if the State of Public Health Emergency in Maldives is abolished latest by January 4th of this year. This is because the commission will require time to do the essential things needed for the elections such as the allowing the parties to campaign, to prepare and announce the voting list and to prepare for other possible rising issues and complains as well.

The President of Election Comission (EC), Ahmed Shareef informed today that the commission will come to a decision regarding the elections in the meeting that will be held on the upcoming Wednesday.

He noted that the elections cannot be held in the scheduled day as the State of Public Health Emergency has been extended till February 3rd.

While the local election was supposed to be held on March 6th of 2021, the opposition coalition is against the decision of postponing the local elections for the second time as they say that the rights of several candidates who are competing in the elections are lost by doing so.

The opposition coalition claimed that the government does not wish to hold the elections as there are still ways to conduct the elections on March by overcoming the obstructions due to the law.

While over 4,172 individuals had signed up for the local council lections, till date more than 100 candidates have withdrawn from the elections.