6 arrested in PPM protest near Criminal Court

Yaameen supporters gathered near Criminal Court | photo: Mohamed Saeed

Male’, Maldives – Six people have been arrested in the PPM gathering near Criminal Court today which took place as Hearings are being carried out at the court regarding the two charges raised against Former President Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom.

Spokesperson of the Opposition Coalition Heena Waleed recently said that six people have been arrested from the peaceful gathering as well. She also revealed that the arrested supporters of Yaameen included three members of the PPM Council. This includes Council member Ahmed Nareesh, Fathmath Fazla and Soodha Abdullah.

Vice President of People’s National Congress Mohamed Saeed tweeted saying that the Protesters gathered near the Criminal Court to express their anger over the government’s control over the judiciary system and the continued foreign influence on state matters.

This is not the first such a gathering has taken place. Supporter’s of Former President Yaameen have held such gatherings and faced the police at his previous hearings as well. VP of PNC Mohamed Saeed called out the Government in a later tweet questioning the necessity of that many policemen at the gathering. Yamee