MTCC meets with Addu City Council

| Photo: Addu City Council

Addu City, Maldives – A team from Maldives Transport & Contracting Company (MTCC) has met with Addu City Council earlier today, discussing MTCC’s recently unveiled heavy vehicle operations training program “Hunavaru Program” aimed at youth.

At meeting today at the Secretariat of the Addu City Council, MTCC said that they aim to train heavy duty vehicle operators during a time when jobs are scarce due to Covid-19.

The 3-month long program, with a monthly allowance of MVR 5000 for each participant. will train Maldivians to operate heavy machinery, and those who make the top 50 in the program will be awarded jobs in MTCC.

MTCC CEO Adam Azim, during an earlier interview stated that employees trained in this work earn a monthly salary of MVR 12,000 to MVR 20,000 and noted that he hopes to train Maldivians into a field where there are mostly expat staff. He revealed that in MTCC, 130 foreign staff operate various heavy vehicles – a job the CEO sees easily learned and earns an adequate income.

The training program titled “Hunavaru” will be held in major cities, and all Maldivians 18 years and above are encouraged to sign up. The program is aimed at developing qualified Maldivians for the construction industry and subsequent licensing of Maldivian professionals to fill the gaps in the construction job market.

The open Day for this program was held earlier today in Addu High School, while open day for Fuvahmulah convening yesterday. Open day for other major Maldivian cities have not been announced yet.