India issued over 3,000 medical visas to Maldivians

Maldivian patients arrived in Cochin International Airport, for advanced medical treatment in India in 2020. | Photo: Indian High Commission

Male’, Maldives — The Indian High Commission of Maldives informed that they have issued over 3,000 medical visas to Maldivian patients since last year May.

The Commission informed that although the International borders of India were closed and issuing visas were stopped due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, India has been providing the Maldivians with special medical visas for the emergency patients in the country.

Since the pandemic began on May 2019, the Commission informed that they have issued over 3,000 specialized medical visas to the patients of Maldives.

Despite India being the second worst Covid-19 affected country in the world, the neighboring country has been continuously assisting and aiding Maldives in different ways even during the pandemic.

An Air Bubble has also been created between India and Maldives during August of last year. This Air Bubble has helped the two countries continue their flight operations that were initially ceased due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

After the current government took office, Indian support through various projects has been seen all around the Maldives and specially during the pandemic. India has also announced a USD500 million package for the Male’-Thilafushi bridge which is in it’s preliminary stage right now. In addition to this, seven projects through Indian credit lines are to commence as well.

During the pandemic, India has been continuously assisting the Maldivian government in providing necessary food and medicine supplies and has promised to maintain a steady flow of basic necessities. Indian government also sent a team of doctors in March of this year to assist in the Covid-19 preparedness followed by 11.7 tonnes of medicines in April and May.