Online token system implemented for Indian visa application

Maldivian patients arrived in Cochin International Airport, for advanced medical treatment in India in 2020. | Photo: Indian High Commission

Male’, Maldives — The Indian Commission has announced that they will be releasing online tokens for visa applications.

Despite the closure of Indian borders due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, India has provided ways for Maldivians to travel to India for medical purposes due to the close relationship between the two neighboring countries.

The High Commission of India noted that the Indian borders have been closed since Covid-19 started to spread globally. However, due to the close relation between the two countries, Maldivians have been able to travel to India for medical purposes with a special visa since June 2020. They added that while over 5000 visas were issued till now, 2000 of the medical visas were issued in 2021 only.

They have implemented the online token system after concerns from the public on social media after local media reported that Maldivian citizens were queueing on the road in front of the Indian High Commission building for over 12 hours.

The Indian High Commission announced that from now on wards, to make it safer, they will be releasing the tokens via online to apply for Indian Visa and that paper tokens will no longer be given. After applying for the Indian Visa form online, citizens can request for visa by going to the website specialized for Indian Visa application.

The High Commission informed that all Maldivian citizens can now schedule their appointment for the earliest date available. With the implementation of the online token system, the High Commission have stopped the service of using telephone for appointments.