Mundhu Shareef refuses to give phone to Police

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Opposition party People's National Congress (PNC) Vice President Mohamed Hussain Shareef (Mundhu) | Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Male’, Maldives- Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Opposition party People’s National Congress (PNC) Vice President Mohamed Hussain Shareef (Mundhu) has refused to give his phone after being summoned to Maldives Police Service (MPS) earlier today.

Before he attended Police he said that while he is being summoned today to sign a statement from his last visit to Police, but that he believes they will attempt to confiscate his phone again, much like during the first time he was brought in for questioning

Today was the second time he was summoned to Police after a letter regarding the mortgage of Dharumavantha Hospital (DH) was leaked.

The letter was a confidential sent by the Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer to the President’s Office, regarding the sukuk of the government’s main hospital- Dharumavantha Hospital.

The said letter was shared on Mundhu’s Facebook, who said he got it from an opposition coalition Facebook group. He noted that he posted it after fact checking.

Speaking to reporters after concluding his summon to Police, Mundhu stated that he has never stolen anything, not even a pen from government authorities, so there is no chance that he stole a letter from the Ministry of Finance.

He said that before being summoned today, he was asked by Police on two separate occasions to which he declined as there were personal details, sensitive campaign related information on the upcoming local council elections, party secrets, and meeting plans on phone.

Mundhu said that even if opposition leaders are summoned to Police 4 times a day, they will continue to do their work, and they will reveal all information that should be seen by the public without any hesitation.