Elderly local assaulted by an Indian inside a Hulhumale’ mosque

Suspect being brought into custody after assaulting old man inside a Hulhumale' mosque | photo: One Online

Hulhumale’, Maldives – An Indian man has been brought into custody after he assaulted an elderly Maldivian yesterday inside a Hulhumale’ mosque.

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) have said that they received reports of an Indian attempting to forcibly extract a senior citizen from Hulhumale’ Azeeza mosque after alleging that the old man “smelled bad”.

According to news outlet “Avas”, sources told them that the Indian stumbled into the mosque intoxicated. While Police have not confirmed why the Indian was at the mosque, they stated that the investigation was ongoing.

Many people have been criticising the current government stating that Indians involved in altercations such as rape, sexual harassment and blasphemy are usually not convicted, with most suspects leaving the Maldives by the time Police start their investigation.

This is allegedly due to India’s “control” over the Maldives following the millions in loans they have provided recently. The opposition claims this as part of their “India Out” campaign – a campaign condemned by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.