Mul-ham accomplishes 2 hour plank

Mal-ham attempting 2 hour plank | photo: Ahmed Marzooq

Male’, Maldives – Secretary General of Maldives Olympic Committee and member of the Olympic Council of Asia’s Media Committee, Ahmed Marzooq has commended Mul-ham Azim for accomplishing two hour plank.

Eight year-old Mul-ham Azim recently went viral when he attempted the Junior World Record of one hour thirty minutes doing plank. He was known nation wide and received support from numerous people.

Secretary General of Maldives Olympic Committee Ahmed Marzooq tweeted today commending him for his accomplishment.

He went on to say that Mul-ham has accomplished two hours of plank today and congratulated him for it. Amazed at this remarkable achievement, Marzooq said that “this boy is from another planet.” Marzooq also tweeted a video of Mul-ham attempting the plank with a few supporters.