AEH to introduce a triage system

Management of AEH and Addu City Council holds a meeting. | Photo: Addu City Council.

Male’, Maldives — The tertiary hospital in Addu City, Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH) to introduce triage services as a protective measure against the Covid-19 virus.

On Monday, AEH and the Addu City Council held a meeting to discuss the present Covid-19 situation and further preventive measures that can be put in place to prevent a community spread in the city. They also reviewed the latest updates regarding preventive measures taken in Addu City against Covid-19.

The Council proposed the introduction of a triage system in AEH. The triage system will give priority to the most critical and urgent patients for treatment instead of a first come first serve method.

The Council also discussed the establishment of X-ray services in Hulhumeedhoo Health Centre and commencing services such as speech therapy for children in Dhamanaveshi, Maradhoofeydhoo.

While the state assigned an estimated MVR 180 million budget for the year 2021 for AEH, the newly appointed CEO of AEH, Dr. Mohamed Solih, previously noted that the given budget is not ideal and that the hospital is roughly at the stage where Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) was during 2006 and 2007, which at the time was allocated MVR 350 million as the yearly budget.

However, Dr. Solih said that while the budget constraints are understandable, he believes that the government would provide more funding when justified.