Government has a huge influence on the judiciary system: Abdu-Raheem

President of People’s National Congress (PNC), Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey). | Photo via AvasMv

Male’, Maldives – President of the People’s National Congress PNC Abdu-Raheem Abdullah has said that current administration has a huge influence over the nation’s judicial system.

Abdu-Raheem made the statement while addressing the gatherings hosted by the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) in Male’ and Th. Guraidhoo. During his speech, Abdu-Raheem noted that the delays in the hearings of Former President Abdullah Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom at the High Court is due to the influence of the government on the country’s judicial system and the Judicial Service Comission (JSC).

Additionally, Abdu-Raheem stated that the three major branches of the government have now merged together and that rather than being cautious of it, the government is trying to influence the system. Abdu-Raheem further stressed that this is the time for the citizens to gather on the streets while questioning as to why the citizens must be hesitant in sacrificing for their country.

Citizens need to come together on the streets. This is not a joke. If just 3 individuals from a small island in Boduthiladhunmathi can sacrifice for our nation, why must we be hesitant to do so?

Abdu-Raheem Abdullah

Abdu-Raheem also said that even though amendments have been made to the law regarding local council elections, it is not yet possible to state a certain date for the elections to be held. He also added that the government has been campaigning this entire time while keeping the opposition in lockdown.

While it has been over an year since Former President Yaameen was imprisoned for money laundering, Abdu-Raheem noted that he has closely seen the courage and the determination of the Former President. He also highlighted that as of now, there are no leaders to raise their voice in defense of the nation and patriotism and that this is why he is reminded of the Former President so often.