Former Pres. Yameen will not abandon the citizens to get medical care abroad: MP Shiyam

Naifaru constituency MP Ahmed Shiyam | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives — Vice President of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and member of Naifaru constituency, Ahmed Shiyam says that the Former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, who is currently serving a 5 year prison sentence, would not abandon the citizens even in physical pain.

While speaking at an interview, MP Shiyam stated that the incumbent government has done everything possible to put Yameen in jail, including falsely accusing him. Adding that the High Court’s verdict proves that the investigation earlier presented by the Police and the charges raised against President Yameen have no connection.

MP Shiyam emphasized that the past hearings have demonstrated President Yameen’s innocence to the citizens.

Today, it is proven that he (Pres. Yameen) would never abandon the citizens and leave the country to get medical treatments although he is in physical pain

MP Shiyam

MP Shiyam said that President Yameen will not make deals with the incumbent government and that the efforts of the Opposition party will only come to a stop when the Former President returns to power.

On Monday, the Opposition coalition of PPM and PNC protested in Male’ city against the guidelines released by Health Protection Agency (HPA). The protest was held demanding to prepone the local council elections and to immediately release Former President Abdullah Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom who is currently serving a five year sentence for money laundering. 

While the High Court has decided to uphold the Criminal Court’s decision on convicting Former President Yameen following the appeal, the opposition and Yameen’s legal team have decided to disregard the decision and appeal the case at the Supreme Court. The opposition has also passed a decree to directly take action against the decision from the courts.