93 Positive Covid-19 cases at Oblu Select at Sangeli Maldives

Oblu Select Sangeli resort in Maldives. | Photo via Invite To Paradise.

Oblu Select at Sangeli, Maldives – The Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) has informed that the positive Covid-19 cases at Oblu Select at Sangeli Maldives has reached a 93 cases within the last month.

According to the spokesperson of HEOC, Dr. Nazla Rafeeg, the Oblu Select at Sangeli Maldives has confirmed additional 07 positive Covid-19 cases taking the total up to 93 positive cases in the island resort. Dr. Nazla informed that contact tracing are still ongoing in the resort and that it is still under monitoring status.

Dr. Nazla noted that they received three positive Covid-19 cases from Sangeli resort each on January 27th and January 29th. Along with this, the another sample from the resort was also tested positive for the virus on January 30th.

The first positive case from the resort was found on  January 3, when a foreign staff underwent a PCR test to travel abroad. On January 11, four more staff tested positive after exhibiting symptoms, but they were not in contact with the aforementioned case.

HEOC then collected 98 random samples from the resort on Tuesday, January 12, of which 19 samples tested positive. Eight more individuals exhibiting symptoms also tested positive on January 13th.

HEOC informed that with this, the total number of positive cases found in the Sangeli resort has increased to 93 of which over over 70 confirmed Covid-19 were of the staffs of Oblu Select at Sangeli Maldives.