Civil Court throws out restitution case regarding fatal bus accident

An MTCC bus seen in Hulhumalé. | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives – Civil Court on Sunday, has announced that the case filed at the regarding the death of a pedestrian due to fatal bus accident by the victim’s mother, cannot be continued at the Civil Court.

The mother of the Ukranian victim who died after fatal bus accident involving an MTCC bus, filed the case at the Civil Court in May 2019, seeking USD 2.7 million as restitution claiming that the victim’s death is due to negligence from an MTCC employee.

Civil Court stated in the verdict yesterday, that two criminal charges have been filed against the bus driver in the Criminal Court regarding the accident, as such the the financial appeal case cannot be continued at the Civil Court while criminal proceedings are underway. Civil Court Judge Ali Naseer oversaw the civil proceedings and passed this verdict.

The mother has full authority to file a civil case against the company for financial restitution.

Maldives Civil Court

While MTCC argued stated that the mother of the victim has no right to appeal against the company seeking financial restitution, the court said that the mother has full authority to file a civil case against the company. The court also added that the mother can re-appeal the case at the court when the criminal offenses raised against the bus driver were finished.

The State has filed two criminal charges against the bus driver at the Criminal Court for criminal negligence.