Gang fights in Male’ city: Five arrested so far

A police officer arresting a suspect | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives — Maldives Police Service has informed that they have arrested five individuals for being involved in the gang fights that took place in four different places in the Male’ city.

Police informed that four gang fights took place last night at different streets in Male’ city. While several individuals were injured during the fights, they are currently receiving care at the IGMH and ADK hospital in Male’.

While the first gang fight took place last night at the Futsal pitch near the King Salman Mosque in Male’ city, Police informed that the second gang fight took place at approximately 2115hrs, where a 36 year old was stabbed with a sharp object. He is currently receiving care at the IGMH hospital in Male’.

In addition to this, Police also received information of another gang fight that took place between two groups near the Vilimale’ ferry terminal at approximately 2330hrs last night. Police stated that three people were injured during this fight and that two of these are receiving care at IGMH and the remaining at the ADK hospital.

Five individuals were arrested from this gang fight of which three are below the age of 18.

Along with this, Police informed that they also received information of an injured individual at another street of Male’ city at approximately 0132 hours of last night. The latest information collected by the Police reveals that this individual was also injured through a gang fight that took place, where he injured his head.

Police noted that the individual is currently receiving care at IGMH and that they have towed several vehicles of the suspected individuals who were involved in that gang fight.

An official of IGMH informed local media “Mihaaru” that currently they are treating three patients who were injured during the street fights that took place last night. The official informed that one of the three patient is in a critical state receiving care in the ICU, while the remaining two have been shifted to the wards of the hospital.