BREAKING: Multiple measures implemented against the third wave

Malé curfew extended

Vehicles are prohibited on roads in Malé from 8:30PM and the public must not go outside from 11PM to 4:30AM, for 14 days.

All preschools to be closed effectively immediately

As a precautionary measure against the rising numbers of Covid-19 and Maldives entering the third wave, Health Emergency Operations Center has just announced that all preschools, nursery schools, and day cares are to be closed until further notice.

Civil Servants to work from home

All civil service workers whose work can be conducted from home will be required to stay at home and work remotely in Malé city. For jobs that require going to the office, HPA guidelines must be followed.

High risk employees at private offices must work from home.

Regular inspection of cafés and restaurants

Cafés, restaurants and other eateries will go through inspections to check whether they meet HPA requirements.

Universities to go online

HPA has announced a two week hiatus to physical classes at universities, instead shifting to online mode. Practical classes are allowed under certain circumstances but must follow safety measures.

All sports activities to stop

All sports activities, except individual exercising, to be stopped for greater Malé area. All gyms must be upto the HPA standard to remain in operation.

Restrictions to public parks

The public is restricted from visiting public parks and arenas, unless for individual exercising at specific parks following HPA guidelines.

Restrictions to gathering

People must not gather in groups to have meals and office meetings. Office meetings must be moved online.

PCR test required for traveling from Malé City to islands

A 72hr PCR test is required for people traveling from Malé to the islands for urgent matters.

Wearing masks mandatory for all islands

Starting from 7 February 2021 the public must wear masks until further notice outside the home. The masks must cover nose, mouth and jawline. Children under the age of 2, individuals exercising, and people who cannot wear a mask without assistance are exempt from this rule. Authorities will take action against individuals who do not adhere to this rule.

Updates incoming.