Discussions held to start IUM courses in Meedhoo

| Photo: AdduLive

Addu City, Maldives – Member of Parliament for Meedhoo Constituency Rozaina Adam has met with the Vice Chancellor of the Islamic University of Maldives (IUM) Dr. Zakariyya Moosa and Managing Director Mohamed Naseem to look into the possibility of starting IUM courses in Meedhoo.

They further discussed courses planned by IUM for Addu City, especially courses planned for Meedhoo, which the attendees went into great detail.

The Islamic University plans to use Shamsuddin School in Meedhoo as their campus for the duration of the planned courses.

Shamsuddin School is currently not in use, left completely deserted after students studying there were transferred too Seenu Atoll Madhurasa.

Islamic University of Maldives, formerly known as the College of Islamic Studies (Kulliyah Al- Dhirasaathil Islamiyah) became a full-fledged higher education institution on 21st February 2004 (1st Muharram 1425). This change in status was initiated with the intention to widen the scope of Islamic education provided to Maldivian students who were desperately seeking Islamic education within the country without having to travel abroad.

They state on their website that their aim is to “The ultimate aim of IUM is to set a new horizon for Islamic higher education to serve the people of the Maldives and the Ummah. The University intends to transform into a centre of higher education excellence by upholding the Article 10 of the Constitution”