Foreign Ministry building dedicated to late Fathullah Jameel

Foreign Ministry building named after Fathullah Jameel | photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – The Foreign Ministry building has been named after former Foreign Minister of Maldives late Fathullah Jameel.

The Foreign Ministry building is now named Fathullah Jameel Building after the Former Foreign Minister of Maldives who served for a period of 27 years. The building was renamed following the renovation of the building. The Ministry however, has not yet said anything regarding the naming of the building.

Fathullah Jameel is the longest serving Foreign Minister in the history of Maldives as well as the longest serving Minister of any one Ministry. Fathullah Jameel, who passed away on March 1, 2012 was also bestowed upon one of the highest Maldivian honours bestowed upon an individual, the honourable Order of the Distinguished Rule of Izzuddin for his services to the country.

Former Foreign Minister of Maldives, late Fathullah Jameel (R) who served for a period of 27 years | Photo: National Archives of Singapore

Fathullah has served in various areas of the government among which he served as the Foreign Minister for the longest period of time. He began his services November 18, 1969 as teacher of Majeedhiyya School. He later went on to fill posts such as lawyer of Ministry of External Affairs, Permanent Representative of Maldives at United Nations as well as the Vice President of the Department of External Affairs. He was appointed as the Minister of External Affairs on March 14, 1978 during the presidency of Ibrahim Nasir.

Fathullah was later appointed as the Foreign Minister of Maldives after President Maxumoon Abdul Gayyoom took office on November 11, 1978. He resigned from the post on July 14, 2005 and went on to become the Special Advisor to the President and finished off his services as the Senior Minister of the President’s Office.

In addition to this, Fathullah Jameel also served as the Minister of State for Planning and Environment as well as the member of the President in the Parliament. While working as the Foreign Minister of Maldives, Fathullah’s services were noteworthy and played a huge role in opening up Maldives to the international world. He also worked hard to ensure that Maldives recieved all necessary aids from foreign sources as well.