56% of Criminal Court hearings cancelled due to administrative issues

  • New cases submitted - 985
  • Unfinished cases from before - 1,711
  • Number of scheduled hearings - 7,850
  • Number of hearings held as scheduled - 3,426
  • Number of hearings cancelled - 4,426
People seen walking past the Criminal Court of the Maldives | Photo: Avas Online

Malé, Maldives – Criminal Court of Maldives statistics has shown that 56 percent of the courts hearings had to be cancelled due to administrative reasons.

According to the statistics from November 1, 2019 to October 31, 2020 released by Department of Judicial Administration, Criminal Court had cancelled 4,424 hearings out of the 7,850 which were scheduled. Out of the cancelled hearings, 2,502 hearings were cancelled due to administrative reasons of the court. Second highest number of hearings totaling up to 510 were cancelled due to various reasons from the defendants.

The statistics also show that 364 hearings had to be cancelled due to the defense lawyers. In addition to this 323 hearings were cancelled because of Maldives Corrections Services and 312 hearings were cancelled because of Prosecutor Generals Office during the same period.

Other reasons for the cancellation of the hearings included Maldives Police, Attorney Generals Office, translators and island courts issues. During the reported period, a total of 985 new cases were filed with the Criminal Court and the court had 1,711 unfinished cases.