Islamic Ministry releases guidelines to follow when going to mosque

Islamic Center in capital city Malé | Photo: Rilwan

Malé, Maldives – The Islamic Ministry has released certain guidelines to be followed by all individuals when attending mosque in light of the current Covid-19 situation in Maldives.

In the press release from the Ministry, common practices such as wearing masks and maintaining distance when entering and exiting mosque were stated. It was also mentioned that people were to do wudu from home and should bring prayer mats from home as well as making lines starting from the front of the mosque rather than staying in different places of the mosque.

In addition to this, it was stated that people having fever, cold, coughing or lung diseases were not suppose to go to mosque and instructed those going to mosque not wait in the mosque after finishing prayer. Furthermore, people are not suppose to shake hands and used the Qur’ans placed in the mosque.

The release also adviced the citizens to adhere to guidelines of Health Protection Agency (HPA) and health officials as well as all relevant authorities in addition to praying for the betterment of the current situation. Relevant authorities are constantly instructing the general public to keep following the basic protective guidelines to minimize the spread of the virus.