Fuvahmulah Mosques to be closed till the 26th

Masjid al-Hidhaya | Photo: fuvahmulah.com

Fuvahmulah, Maldives – The Islamic Ministry of Maldives has extended the duration for which mosques are to remain closed in Fuvahmulah City.

In a statement released today, the Islamic Ministry informed that as the city is still under monitoring status and due to experts informing that the covid-19 situation maybe worsening in Fuvahmulah, , mosques are directed to not hold prayers until the Isha prayer of the 26th of this month.

The mosques are directed to conduct the adhan, call for prayer, at the prayer times followed by a phrase in Arabic which translates to “please pray at home” twice.

The Ministry advises the public to observe all prayers, although the mosques are closed due to the pandemic. They also advise everyone to make dua and continue supplications.

The monitoring status and curfew in Addu city has been extended for another 7 days by the HPA as of last night, and the city has 26 active cases according to latest reports.

Neighboring Addu City- where there are currently 64 active covid cases, was also advised by the Islamic Ministry to close mosques till the 23rd of February 2021.

In islands where there is no indication of a community spread, mosques are allowed to be open. as usual, with certain guidelines to be followed by all individuals

In a press release from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, common practices such as wearing masks and maintaining distance when entering and exiting mosque were stated. It was also mentioned that people were to do wudu from home and should bring prayer mats from home as well as making lines starting from the front of the mosque rather than staying in different places of the mosque.

In addition to this, people with fever, cold, cough or lung diseases were advised against going to the mosque, with people who do go, instructed to not wait in the mosque after finishing prayer. Furthermore, people are not suppose to shake hands or use the Qur’ans available in the mosque.

The release also advised citizens to adhere to guidelines of Health Protection Agency (HPA) and health officials as well as all relevant authorities in addition to praying for the betterment of the current situation.