Not task force’s job to investigate spread of virus – Mayor Sodiq

Mayor of Addu City, Abdullah Sodiq | Photo: adduLIVE

Addu City, Maldives – Mayor of Addu City, Abdullah Sodiq (Sobe) has said that it is not within the mandate of the Covid-19 task force established in the Addu, to investigate the spread of the virus in the city.

Sobe’s statement was made in response to a question by ‘The Times of Addu’, regarding the cause of the spread of Covid-19 in Addu City, during a press conference held on Monday night. The Mayor said that it is clearly known by everyone that the virus spread in Addu due to a training held at Gan, by the Aviation Security Command. He further added that the necessary investigations are underway, and that this is not within the mandate of the task force to investigate the cause.

Sobe’s statement regarding the cause of the spread, which he has made previously as well, comes refuted by the Aviation Security Command via an announcement, although participants of the said training from other atolls have also tested positive for the virus.

Sobe retaliated at the announcement by the Aviation Security Command, stating that although some institutions have issued press releases, what he has said about Addu is based on facts which can be seen.

So far, 18 individuals have tested positive for the virus in connection to the cluster – this includes cases from Addu City and Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll as well. As the number of cases is expected to grow, many have been quarantined or kept in isolation with regards to the cluster. Another cluster, in Hulhumeedhoo has also been identified from the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) site in the island.