Covid-19 vaccination to start for Hulhumeedhoo citizens

Covid-19 vaccine
Covid-19 vaccine. | Photo: Nikkei Asia.

Addu City, Maldives – Hulhumeedhoo Health centre has announced that the island would be starting Covid-19 vaccination tomorrow.

The Manager of Hulhumeedhoo Health Centre said that they would first be administering vaccines to health workers, and then to citizens above 80 years of age. 100 doses of the Covishield vaccine donated by India were brought to the island today.

In addition to the Hulhumeedhoo Health Centre, vaccines are also being administered at Addu High School by the Addu Equitorial Hospital of Addu City. Vaccination for people above 55 years started yesterday.

Although the vaccination process is currently on going in only some regions of the island nation, the campaign will reach out to all parts of the country, with the aim of immunizing the entire population of the country within the upcoming six months.

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination campaign, experts urge the public to not fall into a false sense of security and remain vigilant by practicing all health and safety measures set in place by the HPA against Covid-19 as the country has entered a third wave and is battling a new variant of the Covid-19 virus confirmed recently.