Maldives sets new daily record with 4,700 tourist arrivals!

Tourist in Velana International Airport of Maldives. | Photo: MACL

Malé, Maldives – The Minister of Tourism of Maldives Dr. Abdullah Mausoom has revealed that a new daily arrivals record has been made in the Maldives this year, having have welcomed more than 4,700 tourists just today.

In a tweet sent out by the Minister, he thanked everyone working towards the benefit of the tourism industry of Maldives for their contributions. He also added that with the nationwide Covid-19 vaccination program, the progress in the tourism industry looks promising.

According to the latest statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism, a total of 121,694 tourists have visited the Maldives by the 10th of February, with Russia leading the market, having have contributed to more than 27,000 arrivals. India and Ukraine follow Russia on the top ten list as Maldives inches towards the 1.5 million mark set as the goal for this year.

As the demand increases, Maldives is also working on increasing the capacity available for tourists. Currently, there are a total of 43,908 beds available from 145 resorts, 357 hotels and guest houses, as well as 136 safari vessels.

Currently, there are only few restrictions for visitors entering the country, with just the requirement to produce a negative PCR test administered 96 hours prior to departure.