Political parties of people who got flats during previous government revealed

Former Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr. Mohamed Muiz | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – Former Housing Minister Dr.Mohamed Muiz has detailed the political parties of the flat receivers of the previous government, under the “Hiya” housing project.

Initially, the housing project was set to award flats to 7000 induvuals. However this number was later decreased. The list of flat receivers of the previous government was reviewed and published last night. Several names were omitted from the list.

The previous opposition during President Yameen’s administration frequently expressed concern saying that majority of the flat receivers were PPM members. Former Minister Muiz replied to these comments previously as well and now has revealed the political parties of the flat recievers. According to Muiz, out of the 7000 nominees, 3591 were MDP members whereas only 1959 were PPM members. While the list included 517 names belonging to other parties, 913 were not belonging to any parties.

Muiz said that the government cannot bring any changes to a list that has passed all the legal phases and been finalized. He added that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih must be answerable for depriving so many citizens of their rights.

Muiz further said that the a PPM government would help those who lost their right to obtain it back. He added that they will be prioritized in the first housing project run by a PPM administration.

On behalf of President Yameen, the assurance that we give is that the first flats built in the next administration will be prioritized for those who unjustly lost their right in this administration.

Dr.Mohamed Muiz

The government has announced that the rent for the flats given out under the housing project is MVR 11,000. However, the previous government finalised a rent of 5500 along with an additional MVR 1000 maintenance fee. Muiz said that even with a rent of MVR 7000, HDC would be able to make profits within 15 years. The total cost if building the flats amount to MVR 563 million along with administration costs. HDC would be able to make MVR 572 million within 15 years if they are collecting MVR 7000 per month.