Police elevate Operational Status to Level 2

Police monitoring curfew in Malé | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Malé, Maldives – Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed confirmed that Maldives Police Service has elevated their Operational Status to level 2, following the newly implemented protective measures from the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Commissioner Hameed tweeted saying that police elevated their Operational Status to level two. He also noted the appointment of an Assistant Commissioner of Police to lead a renewed effort to effectively police the new COVID-19 preventive measures declared by HPA.

In addition to this, Commissioner Hameed stressed that mitigating the current surge in infections would be the top priority of all of Maldives Police Service for the next one month. He then urged the public to adhere to the protective guidelines set by HPA to minimize the spread of the virus as much as possible.

HPA has increased the restrictive measures taken against the spread of Covid-19 after Maldives entered a third wave, along with the confirmation of a new variant. Spokesperson of the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) Dr. Nazla Rafeeq stated that it is absolutely certain that this is the worst wave of Covid-19 infections the country has seen so far. She detailed that hospitalizations are now alarmingly high and that only a handful of beds remain, leaving the country in a critical state.

As of today, Maldives has recorded 17,507 positive cases of Covid-19 within the island nation. While 15,143 recoveries have been recorded Maldives just now recorded its 57th death due to the virus. HPA and health professionals also urge the public to adhere to the guidelines set by the authorities to minimize the spread of the virus. HPA has recently extended the vehicle operation ban in Malé as well from 1800 to 0600.