Aviation Cluster – additional positive case recorded in Addu

Motorcycles being driven on the island Feydhoo, Addu City | Photo: Azym Najmy

Addu City, Maldives – Addu Emergency Operation Center (AEOC) Has reported an additional positive case from Addu City within the last 24 hours.

With this additional case identified from the cluster formed among the participants of an Aviation Security Command (AVSECOM) training held at Addu City and the MTCC cluster, the total toll of Addu City has risen to 61.

According to AEOC, 20 cases from Hithadhoo, 4 cases in MaradhooFeydhoo, 12 cases in Feydhoo and 25 cases in HulhuMeedhoo have been recorded so far. From these cases 3 are being treated at Addu Covid Facility.

The latest information revealed by the Addu Emergency Operation Center (AEOC) on February 15, 2021 states that the number of direct contacts in connection to the Aviation Cluster has reached 341. In addition to this, AEOC also revealed that 272 samples had been collected today.

The Aviation cluster was identified on 6th February, after two participants of the training consulted the flu clinic after becoming symptomatic, and were subsequently tested, which resulted in the samples testing positive for Covid-19. With this, the contact tracing efforts were initiated, and more cases were discovered, which have gone up to 28 in just five days.

As the Hithadhoo Cluster has not only spread to Feydhoo, but to GDh. Thinadhoo with contacts in Maradhoo and Maradhoofeydhoo as well, HEOC has instructed all citizens to be attentive on taking precautions against the Covid-19 virus.