Parliament accepts controversial music hall bill

The People's Majlis 2020. | Photo: Parliament.

Malé, Maldives – A bill proposing to establish a music hall, with embedded music facilities for youth to gather and listen to music, has been accepted to Parliament earlier today.

The bill was accepted today with 34 votes, with no MP’s voting against the bill and only one MP voting for neither side, in a surprising turn of events as opposition MP’s were vocally against the bill during last week’s debate on the matter.

The animosity against the bill was later seen on social media as well, where Islamic scholars, opposition leaders and members of the public voiced concerns on the bill they deemed as haraam (against Islam) and unnecessary.

The hall, which has been specified to include facilities for the youth to study music, is planned to be built in the capital city Malé. MP Hassan Latheef of Henveiru West constituency who submitted the bill, stressed that the facility is “absolutely necessary at the moment”.

MP Latheef stressed on the social issues Malé faces such as overcrowding, lack of housing, lack of job availability, and emphasized the stressful existence of the Maldivian youth living in the capital city.

Malé needs a space for youth to gather. The youth need this space to hang out and enjoy with friends. A space to do this and listen different kinds of music is absolutely necessary at the moment. MP Latheef

MP Latheef, Malé Henveiru West constituency

The Henveiru West MP also proposed including an event hall for live shows, band practice rooms and a recording studio in the music hall. He stressed on the significance of music in the Maldivian culture and shared his dismay at the imminent loss of music from the culture itself.