Archaeological artifacts unearthed by accident in Rasgetheemu

Archaelogical artifacts found under Rasgatheemu roads. | Photo: Heritage Ministry.

Raa atoll, Maldives — The Heritage Ministry has informed that they have found several archaeological artefacts during the process of digging the roads of Rasgetheemu for road development.

The Heritage Ministry detailed that the artefacts were found yesterday and they are currently investigating the artefacts under the Heritage Protection Act of the Maldives.

The council of Rasgetheemu and the National Heritage Protection Musuem of Maldives are currently working preserving these artefacts.

The artifacts that were found from Rasgetheemu included of a large vase along with several kitchen equipment that were used in ancient Maldives.

Rasgetheemu island is reputed to have been settled by the original inhabitants of the Maldives, however, there is no evidence of temples, like some of the other islands in the atoll. Rasge means ‘king,’ and theemu is an island. The island name is believed to have originated from the legendary story of the founder of the first ruling royal family of the Maldives.