Ministry Tourism and UNDP Maldives sign MVR 4.7 million joint project, Reimagining Tourism

Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom and Ms. Akiko Fuiji, UNDP Maldives country representative | Photo: Tourism Ministy

Malé, Maldives – Ministry Tourism and UNDP Maldives today signed the agreement for Reimagining Tourism, a joint project worth MVR 4.7 million.

Ms. Akiko Fuiji, the country representative for the Maldives signed on behalf of the UNDP while Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, the Minister of Tourism signed on behalf of Maldives.

The project aims to diversify tourism, enhance access to local tourism information, and prototype sustainable tourism business models.

The project will bring direct benefits to the public with a focus on development of culture, heritage and integrated tourism. Tourism Minister Mausoom said that the Reimagining Tourism will provide inclusivity and opportunities for women and youth.

Ms. Fuiji, the UNDP Maldives representative said that the project will imagine a different and more sustainable future of the Maldives tourism industry through strategic agenda set by the government strategic action plan.

The Reimagining Tourism project is a joint initiative between the Government and UNDP Maldives to explore, develop and test pathways for making tourism in the country more inclusive, resilient and sustainable. The inception of the project was launched on 29 March 2021 with a workshop that brought 50 local and international stakeholders from the tourism and development ecosystem together.

The Reimagining Tourism project will be implemented over an 18 month period in Laamu Atoll with a focus on local tourism. The project is funded through UNDP Core Funds under its Rapid Financing Facility.