5 year old boy drowns in R. Fainu

Beach area of R. Fainu | Photo: Visit Fainu

Fainu, Maldives – Five year old boy who went missing after going to the beach has been found dead.

According to the local council of Fainu island in Raa atoll of the Maldives, the boy went to the beach to play with a couple of others of his age. Council had told that the boy went missing while playing and was later found under the sea.

President of the island council, Ibrahim Nasir told that the boy was found around 17:35 after thirty minutes since the search for him started. According to him the boy was found drowned nearby the beach at around two and half feet deep.

Maldives Police Service has also confirmed that the boy had drowned in the island but no further details have been revealed yet.

According to the people of the island, there were no adults with the kids at the area at which this happened but people were a bit far away and that this area is generally full of people during the evenings.