Covid-19 Dhifaau: Total vaccinated count tops 70,000!

People waiting at Covid-19 vaccination station in Malé City | Photo: Fayaz Moosa

Malé, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has revealed that more than 70,000 individuals have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the Maldives.

HPA detailed that a total of 5,283 individuals were vaccinated in the Maldives today, increasing the number of individuals who received the first dose of the Covid-19 in the country to 70,009. This includes the 53,669 individuals who got the first jab of the immunization in the country’s capital Malé, as well as the 16,340 people who got the first dose from the rest of the country.

Currently there are 10 active vaccination centers in the Malé region, while 69 additional centers are operating within the rest of the Maldives, inoculating the public – locals as well as documented undocumented expatriates alike – as part of the national Covid-19 vaccination program which has been dubbed ‘Covid-19 Dhifaau’.

Maldives began the vaccination program with 100,000 doses of the Covishield vaccine donated by India, with the aim to vaccinate the entire living population of the country within the next six months. As Maldives continues to secure more and more vaccines as the program goes on, Maldives is on the path to become the first country to have possibly vaccinated its entire population – something which the Minster of Health of the country Ahmed Naseem has also stated.