Parliamentary committee calls for Addu flying school to compensate students

Aircrafts of Addu flying school | Photo:

Malé, Maldives – The Parliamentary Committee on National Development and Heritage has called onto the government of Maldives to seek compensation for the damages incurred by the students of the flying school established in Addu City by the Sri Lankan company, Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA).

This comes following the committee’s trip to the AAA, where the members met with the management and students of the school in order to look into the issues raised by the students. The committee highlighted multiple issues after the visit to the academy, which was compiled into a report.

Some of the issues highlighted in the report detailed that the academy had many systematic issues with managing the educational establishment, due to which, many Maldivian students were unable to complete their studies in the promised timeframe, resulting in unnecessary expenses and losses faced by the students and their parents.

It was also reported that the school discriminated against local students in the school, and that instances of intimidation, harassment and unfair conduct was also identified.

In addition to this, it was stated that the school failed to follow through with the agreement made, and the information provided to the students during enrollment, which has caused the students to suffer adverse psychological and financial affects, for which the AAA must be held accountable for.

Referring to the responsibilities of the government authorities in regulating the services of the school, it was noted that it cannot be believed that the authorities carried out their relevant responsibilities accurately during this time.

.. and that Maldives Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) failed to act responsibly during the period between 2014 and 2018, during which students were faced with the most distress

The report by the Parliamentary Committee on National Development and Heritage read.

With this, it was stated that the committee does not believe that the AAA has enough resources and facilities to continue with a flying school properly, followed by the recommendations such as calling on to the government to take necessary measures to eliminated the hurdles hindering the education of the students at the establishment.

It was also suggested that the state ensure that the students are compensated for the loss of time and finances, as well as the psychological distresses the school has inflicted upon the students. This was followed by a call onto the government to ensure that necessary action is taken against the AAA and all those who have acted in negligence with regards to the matter.

The report further recommended that the state formulate better and more strengthened regulations and guidelines for any parties interested in establishing educational institutes in the Maldives.

The report came after the AAA has been continuously accused of major negligence and harassment of Maldivian students studying at the institution, among other issues for years.