Details of missing and stolen Maldivian passports to be shared with Interpol

Maldivian Passport is the most powerful passport in South Asia as it provides visa-free access to 85 countries in the world. | Photo: TheIslandLogic.

Malé, Maldives — The Maldives Immigration has decided to share the information of missing and stolen Maldivian passports with Interpol.

A statement revealed by the Immigration informed that under an agreement between the Immigration and Interpol, if a passport or other travel document is canceled for being missing, stolen or for any other relevant reason, then the information must be shared with the Interpol.

Regarding this agreement, Immigration has informed that from 25 February 2020 onwards, if a Maldivian passport or other travel document is reported for being missing or stolen, then the information regarding this matter will be visible in the database of ‘Stolen and Lost Travel Document’ (SLTD) of the Interpol.

Immigration noted that from the time a passport is reported missing or stolen, it will not be considered as a valid document to travel from one country to another so even if the passport is found after reporting, it cannot be used as a valid document to enter and leave Maldives and any other foreign country since the information of the missing/stolen passport will be visible to 194 countries of Interpol. The Maldives Immigration noted that the Immigration officers of Maldives and other countries will attempt to stop any individual who is trying to use a reported passport.

Immigration advised the citizens to hand over passports registered missing or stolen that was later found, to avoid getting involved in the difficulties that an individual may face if they attempts to use such a passport.