Local tour operators would be protected under Tour Operators Act: Minister Mausoom

Tourism Minister Dr. Abdullah Mausoom in Gan, Addu City | Photo: adduLIVE

Malé, Maldives – The Minister of Tourism of Maldives Dr. Abdullah Mausoom has stated that local tour operators would be be protected under the new Tour Operators Act once it is passed.

Speaking at a meeting held at the Parliament regarding the work being done towards the Act, Minister Mausoom stated that local tour operators play a key role in the tourism industry and that although technology has advanced to make the work of tour operators easy, the competition with international tour operators does not provide safety for them – something which the new Tour Operators Bill would resolve.

I believe some thought needs to be put into providing safety for local businesses, even with modern competition in the free trade.

Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdullah Mausoom

He also stated that with this, he hopes to secure the foreign currency entering the country to be retained within the country as well.