We have been hijacked: Opposition

Opposition protests in Male' | Photo: VNews

Malé, Maldives – The opposition coalition including PPM and PNC have said that they have been hijacked by police inside their main office.

Speaking at a press conference today, Vice President of People’s National Congress (PNC) Mohamed Nimal said that they are being detained in the PPM office and that they have been hijacked. He added that today, they do not feel the feeling of freedom.

In addition to this, Nimal said that the opposition will continue their protests and will start at 16:15 even though Maldives Police Service previously warned them against doing so. He also encouraged citizens from different areas of Malé to come out and take part in the protest saying that this is the beginning of the ‘Red Revolution’. He added that they will return home only after finishing the protest even of it is tonight.

Police to take action against those who violate HPA guidelines

While the opposition is planning to protest today as well, police are arresting many people before the protests as well and is also preventing locals fr entering the PPM office. They have also arrested people from the opposition leadership im order to prevent protests which are in violation of HPA guidelines and the law of freedom to peaceful gatherings.

The police as well as the Home Ministry previously said that they will not allow for protests in Malé which are against HPA guidelines and that legal action will be taken against such protests.