Police to take action against those who violate HPA guidelines

Opposition protests in Male' | Photo: VNews

Male’, Maldives — The Maldives Police Service has reminded the citizens that they will be forced to take actions against the citizens who violate the protective guidelines being implemented by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

The Police released a statement today reminding the citizens that HPA had initiated a guideline stating that from February 13th onwards, the gathering of 10 individuals or more in Male’ streets or other public spaces in the Male’ area until further notice.

However, Police informed that they have received information that there are plans of conducting protests in different areas of Male’ area despite the guidelines of HPA.

This is why, Police warned that they will not be giving any chances for the citizens to hold protests against the rules of HPA as the country is facing a third wave of Covid-19. Police stated that they believe that this is the time to work together on getting past the Covid-19 situation and advised all the citizens to adhere to the guidelines provided by HPA.

Police warned that they will be taking actions against those who violate the guidelines given by the HPA by risking the lives of thousands of citizens in Male’ city.