Maldives records 62nd Covid-19 death

Patient being treated for Covid-19 in the Hulhumale' Covid-19 management facility | Photo: Covid-19 huttuvaanee aharen campaign

Malé, Maldives — The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has informed of the 62nd Covid-19 death in Maldives.

HPA detailed that a 62 year old Maldivian man who was receiving care and admitted at the DH11 had passed away at 05:06.

This is the 62nd COVID-19 death in the Maldives spacing over a period of nearly one year. To date, 55 Maldivian nationals, 6 Bangladeshi nationals and a Filipino national have passed away from the virus in Maldives.

As of today, Maldives has recorded 19,597 positive cases of Covid-19 within the island nation, with 170 hospitalized. While 17,132 recoveries have been recorded Maldives just now recorded its 62nd death due to the virus.

HPA and health professionals urge the public to adhere to the guidelines set by the authorities and get vaccinated to minimize the spread of the virus.