BREAKING: Communication Minister Maleeh removed from office!

Former Minister for Communication, Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamal doing gardening on his terrace | Photo: Minister Maleeh

Malé, Maldives – The Parliament of Maldives has voted to remove the Minister of Communications and Technology Maleeh Jamal from office, with 59 votes.

While this is the first time a Minister of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration was removed from office by a Parliamentary no confidence vote, only one MP voted in favour of Maleeh with four members abstaining from voting.

The matter was submitted to the Parliament with 14 member votes initially, which Maleeh described as a deliberate attempt to disgrace his name with lies, and that the regulations which are claimed to have not been formulated have now been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office.

Maleeh’s capability as the Communications and Technology Minister have been questioned by many members of the public on multiple occasions, specially due to the issues pertaining to the internet services and prices of the Maldives.