President Solih’s no confidence vote needs to be taken: Opposition

Adam Shareef, photo: Majilis

Male’, Maldives — The Opposition coalition has stated that the no confidence motion should be voted against the President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih instead of certain ministers for not fulfilling his vows.

The statement from the Opposition coalition comes during the debate regarding the no confidence motion submitted at the Parliament against the Minister of Communication, Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal.

While speaking at the parliament today, the Vice President of Opposition PNC coalition and the Member of Constituency of Maduhverri, Adam Shareef stated that the ruling party, MDP came into power after with a vow saying that they would make the internet more affordable for the citizens. However, he stated that even after two years of President Solih’s presidency, they are unable to fulfill this vow.

Shareef claimed that the ruling party’s no confidence motion against Minister Maleeh is a way to fire him from his position to hide the fact that the government has failed to fulfill the vows that they made. He said that even MDP supports the fact that if a vow is not fulfilled and the service is not provided, then the person responsible for this act must be fired from their position.

However, he noted that if MDP was a party that concerns for the welfare of this country and citizens, and a party that works in full honesty, then the parliament would not be voting against Minister Maleeh in the presented no confidence motion.

The vote should be taken against the President. This is because we believe that it is the right thing to do after he failed to fulfill his vows.

Adam Shareef, Vice President of Opposition PNC coalition

In addition to Shareef, the Member of Constituency of Maavashu, Mohamed Saeedh has also stated that the problem can only be solved after President Solih resigns from his position.

The solution for this country is the resignation of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Adam Shareef, Vice President of Opposition PNC coalition

Shareef further noted that with the Covid-19 pandemic in Maldives, Internet has become the “lifeline” of everyone and that for shopping, health services and even education, Internet is a very important factor.