Meeting held to improve legacy waste management in the atolls of Maldives

Ministry of Environment having a virtual meeting with the Local Government Authority. | Photo: Ministry of Environment.

Male’, Maldives — A meeting has been held by the Ministry of Environment to discuss about improving waste management in targeted islands of Maldives.

The Ministry of Environment tweeted to inform that they have held a brief meeting with the CEO and officials of Local Government Authority (LGA) to discuss about areas of collaboration in order to improve waste management in the target islands of the ‘Legacy Waste clean up programme.’

The Ministry informed that the discussion comes following the clean up of accumulated waste from those targeted islands.

Legacy wastes are the waste material that have been collected and kept for years at some barren land, beaches, landfills or any place waste is dumped and collected over the years. Legacy wastes not only occupy large space, but also become a breeding ground for pathogens, flies, malodours and generation of leachate, which may lead to water contamination. They also contribute to generation of greenhouse gases and pose risk of uncontrollable fire.

Recently, there has been much public concern over the management of waste in the islands and the country as a whole.