Maldives condemns coup d’etat in Myanmar

Protestors on the streets of Myanmar | Photo: Ghetty Images

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives has joined the international community condemning the coup d’etat of 1 February 2021 in Myanmar.

Expressing “utmost concern, the increasing loss of innocent lives and atrocities being committed against the people of Myanmar by the Military Junta”, Maldives reiterated its call to cease the unlawful detention of the leaders of the civilian government and unarmed protestors, as well as to uphold their democratic rights enshrined in Myanmar’s constitution.

We call on the Military Junta to respect the principles of human rights and international humanitarian law and call for an immediate end to the State of Emergency imposed in the wake of the coup. The Maldives further urges the Military to accept the vote and subsequent wishes of the people, to relinquish the power to the elected National Assembly and to safeguard the political and social stability of Myanmar.

Statement by the government of Maldives

As protests continue in Myanmar against the unlawful overthrowing of the administration, more than 50 demonstrators have been killed in the unrests as bullets fired by the military turned into fatalities.