Gender Ministry relocates 15 children to HA. Dhidhhoo ‘Amaan Veshi’

From an event by Gender Ministry | Photo: MoGFS

Malé, Maldives – The Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services has relocated 15 children to the ‘Amaan Veshi’ facility in the Dhidhho island of Haa Alif Atoll, on Saturday.

In a tweet sent out by the Ministry, it was revealed that the children were relocated to the facility in order to provide them with the opportunity to grow up in a familial and community centric environment.

The ‘Amaan Veshi’ model shelters developed in various parts of the country allow children form the same family to be housed together, while being integrated with other families in the community. Such shelters house a limited number of children, in order to ensure that they receive special attention and care to fulfill their individual needs.

Amaan Veshi also allows children to grow up in loving and caring environments, which ensures that they have a smoother transition into work and adult life, via vocational and other resourceful training programs.