Missing fishing dinghy from Fuvahmulah returning to the city!

MNDF Sea Ambulance in search of the missing dinghy | Photo: MNDF

The Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has revealed that they have made contact with the fishing dinghy that departed Fuvahmulah port and was reported missing.

MNDF tweeted to inform that the owner of the dinghy made contact with the dinghy via phone and the dinghy is on its way back to the city.

The fishing dinghy departed from Fuvahmulah City at 04:30 in the morning has been missing. MNDF noted that the last contact a family member of the fishermen in the missing boat had was at 10:40 in the morning and that the boat has been missing ever since.

MNDF stated that the MNDF Southern Area Coast Guard Squadron is currently searching for the missing fishing dinghy. For this, the MNDF Helicopter and the MNDF Coast Guard along with the Sea Ambulance are currently active in the area in search of the missing dinghy and fishermen.

The information that the dinghy had been found was conveyed to the MNDF Southern Area Coast Guard Squadron by the owner around 12:10 today.