DNA calls on the government to stop charging for PCR tests

Former Foreign Minister of Maldives, Dhunya Maumoon speaking at the launching ceremony of Dhivehi National Action (DNA) | Photo: DNA Maldives

Male’, Maldives — Dhivehi National Action (DNA) calls out the government to stop charging the citizens to do PCR tests used to test for the Covid-19 virus.

A recent statement released by DNA says that the amount of money the government is charging from the citizens to take PCR tests which is absolutely necessary to travel during these trying times is a huge financial burden at a time when the citizens are going through a series of economic losses due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

DNA has accused the government of depriving the citizens of their basic rights.

Considering the price of a PCR test kit in an international market along with the shipping costs, it would be approximately between 5 euros ( MVR 77) or USD 15 ( MVR 231). However, a public hospital is charging MVR 1,000 per tests from the citizens.


DNA noted that while MVR 1,000 is charged to get a PCR test alone, in order to travel, the same amount is the price of a flight ticket that is needed to travel from certain islands to another in Maldives.

The statement also mentioned that they have noticed that the private hospitals in Maldives are charging far less to do a PCR test than a public hospital.

While noting that the public hospitals are taking MVR 1,000 from poorest people as well, DNA called on the government to find a way to stop charging the citizens for PCR tests, and stated that money should not be taken from Maldivians to do PCR tests.

DNA is a political reform movement which is an open political platform not limited to people of one political ideology and which is open for anyone who wants to reform the country for the better.

DNA’s leadership includes various notable politicians, businessmen and other highly notable people of the country. Some of their members include the former Home Minister, Umar Naseer, former Foreign Minister Dhunya Maumoon, former Commissioner of Priosns Abdulla Munaz and former Captian of MNDF and current CEO of Happy Market, Ali Ihusan.