JUST IN: 95 fined for traveling to Anbara

Police car on the streets of Male' | Photo: Police Media

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service revealed that 95 individuals who traveled to Anbara of Vaavu Atoll have bee fined.

It has been reported by local media outlets that the group of 95 people went to the island on Thursday, out of which, 45 have been transferred to Malé, while the process of transporting others is underway. However, no further details have been revealed with regards to the matter.

Local media outlet ‘Mihaaru’ quoted an official of Maldives Police Service, stating that 95 individuals who traveled to V. Anbaara without obtaining relevant government approvals to travel during the pandemic have been fined. It was also revealed that the sea vessel in which the group traveled to the island, had also maxed out on capacity when transporting the group.

Although it was previously reported that the group was arrested while using drugs, Maldives Police Service has denied any suspicion of drug use on any of the individuals in the group.

The matter will be further investigated and necessary action will follow.

Media Official, Maldives Police Service

A large group of people were arrested while partying with drugs on the island, back in 2014 as well. 79 were arrested during the heist and all tested positive for drugs, revealed Maldives Police Service at the time.