No sexual harassment complaints received against Habeeb: EC

The Vice President of the Elections Commission (EC), Ismail Habeeb | Photo: Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives — The Elections Commission (EC) has stated that they have received no sexual harassment complaints against the Vice President of EC, Ismail Habeeb.

The statement from EC comes after several media outlets reported that two employees of EC sent a letter to the parliament making sexual harassment complaints against Habeeb.

However, the statement from EC stated that the committees of EC have received no such complaints, however encouraged employees to present the committee with complaints of any such cases.

Along with this, EC has also added that the commission has full confidence in Habeeb that he has not misused any property or funds of the state, although the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is investigating Habeeb for the same.

This comes just months after former vice president of EC, Ahmed Akram resigned from office following sexual harassment allegations.

Akram’s resignation, which was announced on Twitter by himself, was sparked following the decision of the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions to remove him from office.

Akram’s resignation letter addressed to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, which was also attached in his tweet announcing his resignation, read that he does not believe that it would be appropriate to remain as a member of an independent Commission, given that the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Commissions has ruled that they do not have confidence against him any longer.

He also justified that the complaints filed against him are blatant lies, which have been submitted with the Committee deliberately intending to frame him, of which he has provided his account of events, along with proof, he said.